While I still have a long way to go, Wei Siang is a very motivational trainer. He is always focused on my safety, and is constantly making notes on my progress and achievements. He keeps up to date with the latest research and is re-teaching me the fundamentals and showing me how my “old school” training habits were actually causing me more harm than good in the long term.

Wei Siang is also constantly varying my workouts so that they are never boring, and I’m always learning new things at each session. I am so glad that I made the decision to seek the help of a professional trainer who could guide my workouts and safely bring me back to health.

– Leon

Elinn, my personal trainer is very professional & motivating yet friendly. Training under Elinn has made all the differences. She’s knowledgeable and being an athlete herself, she knows the pains and desires of another athlete’s mind-set of wanting to perform at optimal level. After few sessions with Elinn, I have already seen very positive, fast results. I feel stronger and able to have an in-depth understanding of my body much better and the areas that need improvements. In fact, I look forward to my workout sessions!! Thanks, Elinn.”

– Ezzati Fatin

Undergoing a training program with Izzy Tham helped me lose a lot of excess weight. I accumulated excess weight due to some hormonal problems I had experienced last year 2013. After analyses conducted by Izzy, she realized that I had multiple goals and milestones to achieve during the training program. They are: losing weight, strengthening, toning/conditioning. My weight is now almost pre-pregnancy, which means that from size 8 – 10, I am now down to 6 – 8. I feel great and now, my job is to continue the hard work of ideal body weight maintenance, core strengthening and muscle toning. Thank you Izzy, for setting me straight. I will always remember what you had taught me.

– Leon

This is my 3rd year with BIGFitnessd. Looking back into 2011 when I first joined. All I wanted to do was to join a gym that’s near my work place and hit the thread mill at the gym once in a while. Little did I know I would continue my membership with them till now . I am glad that I have met up with my personal trainer, Kelvin Ong. Though him.. I have learnt the beauty of bodybuild. Unlike trainers who are constantly hard selling their services, Kelvin made me realised why it is good to maintain a healthy physique, giving me good advice on how to train properly. Through his constant ” nagging” and pushing. . I have grown to love going to my gym. He made me realised what professionalism is all about. In addition, every staff there know you by your name and greet you by your name with a smile. You feel so much at home.

– Dawn Chia