Corporate Fitness

A work team that works out together stays together. That is what we have found after every corporate fitness programme we have conducted. We have found not only found better health and fitness levels in all the employees, but we have also found that they are able to handle stress well, there are more engagement levels throughout the organization and better staff satisfaction – all leading to better productivity.
The biggest obstacle to behavioral change in a company is low employee engagement. This often costs companies a lot of money. Break the cycle with employee wellness.
We always find employees excited about the prospect of exercising and getting better health, but they either lack motivation or the resources. This is why we stress on corporate fitness and have put together a complete programme that gets the entire work force in shape. Our workplace fitness programme is selected based on the objectives of individual companies. The services provided are based on an integrated platform that include fitness, yoga, zumba, stretching and walking groups.
Our corporate health services are managed and tracked by a special team of corporate fitness consultants who structure programmes, ensure that employees shift towards a healthier lifestyle and constantly update data on employee record files.

Why Choose BIGFitness

At BIGFitness, we strongly nurture the benefits of cultivating a health and fitness programme within an organization, as it sees greater productivity levels of your employees by:

  • Providing a one-stop fitness station in the immediate workplace vicinity for your employees to inculcate an ideal habit of well-balanced work and health regime

  • Providing professional advices and facts on the appropriate habits of exercise and nutrition for each individual

  • Providing fitness evaluation feedback for each individual to cater to one’s fitness level status

  • Providing personalized programmes to enhance the effectiveness and efficacy to achieve each individual health and fitness goals

How BIGFitness will help

Our team at BIGFitness will work closely with your HR department or recreation team on planning the various activities that are of interest within your organization to have a well-rounded health and fitness benefit that would meet the requirements of your organization goals. We listen to your needs and wants and we plan your programme with that in mind. We believe in programme flexibility as the trending fitness progammes may not be of much popularity to some organization.

With a well-rounded programme in place, we ensure that the programme commence and imparts the required benefits to your employees. And at the end of your programme, an evaluation would be implemented.

What BIGFitness has for you

  • Corporate Gym Membership Pass
  • Corporate Gym Membership Discounts
  • Workplace Health and Fitness Programmes
  • Health and Fitness Workshops
  • Studio rental services
  • Fitness events services