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Hi, we’re BIGFitness. We turn bodies into wonderful things. WE LOVE Fitness and we stand for fitness.


Vibrant team of

Personal Trainers

Everybody is unique and your fitness plan should be too.  At BIGFitness, it’s our Personal Trainers that make the difference. Our trainers undergo extensive training that emphasizes proven and practical exercise methodology. This approach ensures that your customised training experience gets you the real results you longed for. Let us work it out for you.

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Workplace Health Promotion


Workplace is a unique position to provide health and fitness promotion because of access and the time spent at work. Employees spend a great deal of time on a job, and the reality is that a traditional work-week is increasing which reduce their dedication to their health and fitness pursuits. Hence, a well-planned health and fitness programme for your organization builds a strong foundation of healthy motivated employees which will be the company’s greatest and fundamental asset.

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Fun and Adrenaline Pumping

Fitness Classes

Ever need some extra motivation to get to the gym and get that fitness fire burning? BIGFitness fitness classes is your answer. Get your heart pumping and your muscles moving with Yoga, Pilates or a variety of other fitness classes. Group fitness class is a fantastic way to stay on track, and we gives you access to wide variety of fun and results-oriented Group Exercises that cover all the essentials of total fitness.

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“When all’s said and done, BIGFitness could quite possibly be the most welcoming gym in town. As its slogan promises, you’ll ‘fit right in’.
– Yahoo News